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Soul Pillar Introduction



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“Among us, there are individuals endowed with extraordinary abilities to perceive and interprter energy, effortlessly sense spirits, and administer healing to people both near and far. B Leslie, the author of the captivating memoir Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging, happens to be one of these extraordinary individuals. This remarkable book chronicles his personal odyssey”

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Introduction to the Soul Pillar Meditation

Pillar meditation works with the Soul Pillar, in the center of your being; an extension of your soul. The Soul Pillar works in the magnetic rotation of the universe. The book contains much more detail about the Soul Pillar, how it came into being, and the multidimensional relationships and energy related to it. Please watch this video and read the book for context and guidance, and use the worksheet below to help create your own Soul Pillar Meditation.

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How To Use the Soulslonging Meditation

Soul Pillar Meditation

Soul Pillar Meditation

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Soul Pillar Birth Date Calculator

“Living Through the Mist of the Soulslonging is about the lost stories that reconnect us with a highly energetic space within each one of us. I say “lost stories,” because for many of us, the true story of our vast and many lives lies hidden within, waiting to be discovered. And it can be, as long as we first stumble and search along until we find our way to what I call the soulslonging. In this space, if we learn how to open ourselves up, synchronicity becomes the magic that connects us to all things, including each other’s angels and spirits.”

— B. Leslie

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